Current Issue: 2017 , Volume 2 , Issue 2

Owner:Levent ELBEYLİ, MD
Editor-in-Chief :Berkant ÖZPOLAT, MD
ISSN :2548-0316
Frequency : Tri-annual
Abbreviation :Curr Thorac Surg
Current Thoracic Surgery
Management of chest wall tumors: a single-center experience
Diagnosis and treatment of spontaneous pneumomediastinum is not complicated
Atypical pulmonary hydatidosis lesions mimicking other lung lesions
A rare post-operative thoracic surgery complication: chylothorax
Is chest x-ray necessary after thoracentesis? Bilateral pneumothorax
Laparoscopic Toupet fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux disease due to postpneumonectomy syndrome
Asymptomatic giant thymic cyst treated with VATS
Thoracic splenosis after thoracoabdominal injury sustained 25 years previously
Current status of tracheal tissue engineering