Current Issue: 2018 , Volume 3 , Issue 3

Owner: Hakan KUTLAY, MD
Editor-in-Chief : Berkant ÖZPOLAT, MD
ISSN : 2548-0316
Frequency : Tri-annual
Abbreviation : Curr Thorac Surg
Current Thoracic Surgery
Pneumonectomy; a risky type of resection in non-small cell lung cancer: survival and mortality analysis
Is surgical treatment effective option for survival of small cell lung cancer?
Can neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and platelet to lymphocyte ratio predict the severity of sternum fractures?
Comparison of the outcomes of the implanted subcutaneous ports in cancer patients: six-years single center experience
Pediatric foreign body aspirations: experience of 263 cases
Evaluation of characteristics of the patients who undergo surgical treatment for lung hydatid cyst
An extraordinary bullet embolism after gunshot injury: a case report
Intradiaphragmatic bronchogenic cyst: a very rare diaphragmatic mass
Thoracic splenosis: a very rare cause of chest pain
Bilateral pulmonary nodular amyloidosis with positive FDG uptake
Surgical approach for malignant pleural effusion
Intraoperative findings of spontaneous hemopneumothorax