Current Thoracic Surgery 2024 , Vol 9 , Issue 1
Tracheobronchial surgical interventions
Derya Balcı Köroğlu1,Selim Şakir Erkmen Gülhan2
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Ankara Etlik City Hospital Ankara, Turkey
2Department of Thoracic Surgery, Health Sciences University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara Atatürk Sanatoryum Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
DOI : 10.26663/cts.2024.004 Viewed : 893 - Downloaded : 236 Background: Surgical treatment is almost always necessary for lesions that cause stenosis or obstruction of the tracheobronchial system. Sleeve resection is a surgical method that ensures airway continuity and reduces the loss of lung tissue by creating a primary anastomosis following the resection of the affected segment.

Materials and Methods: In this study, 65 patients who underwent tracheobronchial sleeve resection and bronchoplasty at the Ankara Atatürk Sanatorium Training and Research Hospital between 1974 and 1997 were retrospectively evaluated. Patient data were obtained from medical records and surgical reports, and compared with the previous studies.

Results: Of the 65 patients, 34 were male and 31 were female (mean age, 32.56 years; range, 5–65 years). Tracheal resection and reconstruction were performed in 25 patients because of stenosis and neoplasm, whereas bronchial sleeve resection and bronchoplasty were performed in 40 patients because of benign neoplasm, bronchial adenoma, bronchial carcinoma, endobronchial foreign body, and bronchial rupture.

Conclusions: Resection of a small bronchial segment instead of pneumonectomy offers a curative treatment alternative for centrally localized, benign endobronchial lesions with low malignancy potential. In bronchial carcinomas, the results obtained from the complete removal of tumor tissue with sleeve lobectomy in a selected group of patients have shown that this surgical method may be an alternative to pneumonectomy. In patients with bronchial cancer, pneumonectomy should not be performed if sleeve lobectomy is possible. The high postoperative quality of life and low mortality and morbidity emphasize the superiority of this surgical method over pneumonectomy. Keywords : pneumonectomy, bronchial anastomosis, bronchoplasty