Current Thoracic Surgery 2021 , Vol 6 , Issue 3
Bronchoscopic destruction of endobronchial lung tumors
Huseyin Yildiran1,Guven Sadi Sunam1,Atilla Can1
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Selcuk University Medical Faculty, Konya, Turkey DOI : 10.26663/cts.2021.0018 Viewed : 3224 - Downloaded : 1307 Background: Bronchoscopy is a safe and reliable intervention for the management of airway diseases. Airway patency is particularly important for patients with endobronchial tumors. The aim of this study was to report the effects of rigid bronchoscopy on the prognosis of endobronchial lung tumors causing bronchial obstruction.

Materials and Methods: The study included 38 patients who were referred to our clinic during 2009– 2019 following radiological or bronchoscopic diagnosis of endobronchial lesions and who were at the stage of diagnosis and treatment for lung malignancy. Their demographic characteristics, clinical complaints, pathologic diagnoses, stages of primary lung cancer, preoperative and postoperative radiological findings, and bronchoscopy results were retrospectively evaluated and recorded.

Results: A total of 29 males and 9 females were included in the study. The most common complaints observed were cough in 16 patients (42.1%) and shortness of breath in 12 (31.5%). Overall, 28 patients (73.6%) had primary pulmonary malignancy, 6 (15.7%) had benign diseases, 2 (5.2%) had primary tracheal malignancy, and 2 (5.2%) had metastasis of non-pulmonary malignancy. Full endobronchial patency was achieved in 23 patients (60.5%), whereas partial patency was achieved in 10 (26.3%). Radiological regression of opacities was observed with symptomatic relief of clinical complaints in all patients who achieved partial or full patency.

Conclusion: Bronchoscopic destruction of an endobronchial lesion causing tracheobronchial obstruction is critical for improving acute respiratory distress, avoiding the development of lung damage, and preventing delayed treatment in malignant cases. Keywords : dyspnea, obstruction, bronchus, trachea