Current Issue: 2024 , Volume 9 , Issue 1

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of Thoracic Surgery
Editor-in-Chief : Berkant ÖZPOLAT, MD
ISSN : 2548-0316
Frequency : Tri-annual
Abbreviation : Curr Thorac Surg
Current Thoracic Surgery
Benefits of routine uniportal thoracoscopy during rib fixation in the diagnosis and repair of diaphragmatic injury
VATS versus open thoracotomy in patients with spontaneous pneumothorax: where do we stand?
Factors affecting clinical follow-up of patients who had extended resection due to non-small cell lung cancer with vertebral invasion
Tracheobronchial surgical interventions
Is the double edge closure technique effective against post-thoracotomy pain in the long term?
Catastrophic injuries caused by tube thoracostomy with trocar: a series of nine cases
Results of surgery after neoadjuvant treatment for non-small cell lung cancer
A case of congenital total pericardial agenesis mimicking pneumothorax findings
Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for a giant mediastinal teratoma in a pediatric patient
Pneumothorax or pseudopneumothorax?
Non-intubated thoracic surgery programs “just another brick in the wall”Non-intubated thoracic surgery programs
Appendix A. Editorial comment
Appendix B. Editorial comment