Current Issue: 2022 , Volume 7 , Issue 3

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of Thoracic Surgery
Editor-in-Chief : Berkant ÖZPOLAT, MD
ISSN : 2548-0316
Frequency : Tri-annual
Abbreviation : Curr Thorac Surg
Current Thoracic Surgery
Reason based analysis of totally implantable venous access port explanted oncology patients: a single-center study
Preoperative assessment and outcomes of general thoracic surgery approaches during COVID-19 pandemics
Specific indication for tracheobronchial stenting in patients with postpneumonectomy bronchopleural fistula: massive air leakage and respiratory distress
Investigation of the effect of surgical technique on survival and recurrence in thymoma
No-touch isolation technique in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer surgery: a retrospective study
Short- and long- term results of surgery in non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: analysis of 7 years of follow-up
Is surgical treatment necessary in trans-sternal nail gun injury?
A case report of lung cancer: is it spread through air spaces or endoluminal metastasis?
Videothoracoscopic tracheal resection and reconstruction in postintubation tracheal stenosis: case report