Current Thoracic Surgery 2017 , Vol 2 , Issue 1
Endobronchial coils – therapeutic innovations for severe emphysema
Martin Hetzel1
1Clinic of Pneumology, Internal Medicine Intensive Care, Respiratory Medicine and General Internal Medicine, Stuttgart, Germany DOI : 10.26663/cts.2017.0008 Viewed : 2881 - Downloaded : 1739 Emphysema is a frequent phenotypic manifestation of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases which does not respond to pharmacotherapy. Interventional methods can provide relief for severely ill and highly symptomatic emphysema patients. A quite well studied endoscopic method is the minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure with coils. Coils are small, shape-memory Nitinol implants designed to gather and compress lung tissue, re-tension the diseased airway network and increase the elastic recoil in the emphysematous lung. To date, the positive benefit-risk ratio of coils is documented by several well-designed randomized clinical trials. Keywords : obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, volume reduction, endobronchial coils