Current Thoracic Surgery 2017 , Vol 2 , Issue 2
Management of chest wall tumors: a single-center experience
Tarık Yağcı1,Ahmet Üçvet1,Ezgi Çimen Güvenç1,Banu Yoldaş1,Soner Gürsoy1
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, İzmir Dr. Suat Seren Chest Diseases and Thoracic Surgery Health Application and Research Center, University of Health Sciences, İzmir, Turkey DOI : 10.26663/cts.2017.0010 Viewed : 10346 - Downloaded : 2342 Background: Primary chest wall tumors (PCWT) constitute 5% of all thoracic tumors. The purpose of this study is to determine the frequency, diagnosis and treatment methods of PCWT in a single-center.

Materials and Methods: All patients operated between January 2013 and July 2015 in a single center were retrospectively analyzed and patients having chest wall tumors were included in this study.

Results: Among 1073 operations performed during the same period of time, twenty-five patients with primary chest wall tumors were included in this study; 17 were women (68%) and the mean age was 47.6 ± 16.1. The most common symptom was pain (68%). Twenty-four of the lesions were totally excised and reconstructive interventions were added if necessary. Definitive diagnosis was as follows; elastofibroma dorsi in 10 patients (40%), fibrous dysplasia in 3 (12%), and some other rare tumors in the remaining. Twenty-two (88%) of the lesions were benign.

Conclusions: It is observed that the frequency of chest wall tumors is not so high, and most of the lesions are benign which can be resected completely. Keywords : chest wall tumors, malignancy, surgical treatment, reconstruction, elastofibroma dorsi