Current Thoracic Surgery 2018 , Vol 3 , Issue 2
Role of surgical fixation in rib fractures: an experimental study
Okan Karataş1,Hakan Işık2,Kuthan Kavaklı2,Ersin Sapmaz2,Hasan Çaylak2,Sedat Gürkök2,Onur Genç2,Alper Gözübüyük2
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Sinop Ataturk State Hospital, Sinop, Turkey
2Department of Thoracic Surgery, Gulhane Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
DOI : 10.26663/cts.2018.0008 Viewed : 4331 - Downloaded : 1508 Background: Rib fractures occur usually after thoracic traumas. Multiple and displaced fractures are occasionally associated with respiratory complications. That is why treatment for rib fractures should be done properly to prevent respiratory complications. This experimental study was performed to investigate the effects of early and late period rib fixation, on respiratory functions in an animal model with multiple displaced rib fractures, and to design a multiple displaced rib fracture treatment model.

Materials and Methods: Twenty-four, New Zealand rabbits were used in this study. The subjects are divided into three groups. All subjects’ three consecutive ribs on right hemithorax were fractured and displaced surgically. Subjects in group I were observed without any further surgical process. In group II, subjects were undergone to a second surgery process to fix the fractured two ribs by titanium plate one week after the initial operation. In group III, subjects’ three consecutive ribs were fractured and two ribs were fixed by titanium plates at the same operation session. Then subjects’ respiratory functions, survivals and health status were observed.

Results: Oxygen saturation in first week (p = 0.032), clinical survival and health status were better than the other groups in group III. Fracture healing was better in fixation groups, radiologically and clinically.

Conclusions: Early rib fixation operation is recommended for multiple displaced rib fractures to prevent secondary respiratory complications. Keywords : multiple displaced rib fracture, rib fixation, rib stabilization