Current Thoracic Surgery 2018 , Vol 3 , Issue 1
Application of tracheal stomal stent for upper airway obstructions: report of four cases
Necdet Öz1,Metin Çevener2,Tülay Dikencik3,Murat Yılmaz3,Mustafa Özdoğan4
1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Private Medstar Antalya Hospital, Antalya, Turkey
2Department of Radiology, Private Medstar Antalya Hospital, Antalya, Turkey
3Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Private Medstar Antalya Hospital, Antalya, Turkey
4Department of Medical Oncology, Private Medstar Antalya Hospital and Memorial Antalya Hospital, Antalya Turkey
DOI : 10.26663/cts.2018.0005 Viewed : 5647 - Downloaded : 2547 Upper airway obstructions with malignant or benign causes have high mortality and morbidity rates and may lead to sudden respiratory distress. Head-neck tumors, cervical esophagus tumors, longterm intubation, and tracheostomies can lead to airway obstruction. Four cases (one with a long-term intubation tracheomalacia and three with malignant upper airway obstructions) that tracheostomy had been inadequate and performed tracheal stomal stent application were presented with literature. These cases show that tracheal stoma stents are an effective method for providing airway palliation and increasing quality of life. Keywords : upper airway obstruction, tracheostomy, tracheal stomal stent